Facebook + WhatsApp; Spying At Its Best?

By Bernard Marr

FaceBook and WhatzApp

Facebook, the popular social network with over 1.2 billion users world wide, just got a lot bigger by buying WhatsApp, the text messaging app with almost half a billion users across the globe.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman & CEO of Facebook, the reason why Facebook paid $19 billion for WhatsApp is that there are not many other companies that can create a network of 1 billion users – and he believes WhatsApp will achieve that soon.

WhatsApp doesn’t really fit into the Facebook business model because it has always promised its users that it won’t sell ads. So how will Facebook get a return on their $19 billion? I believe that the answer is: by mining the data within WhatsApp.

Facebook is already a gigantic data mining paradise with unbelievable amounts of data at their disposal, all happily provided by us, the users of Facebook. We send 10 billion Facebook messages per day, click the ‘like’ button 4.5 billion times and upload 350 million new pictures each and every day. Overall, there are 17 billion location-tagged posts and a staggering 250 billion photos on Facebook. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple 5S


World smartphone leader Samsung on Monday (24 February) unveiled the company’s 2014 marquee phone Galaxy S5 in Barcelona a few days ago.

With the launch of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, we have an opportunity to draw comparisons between the device and its rival Apple iPhone 5S.

To give a better perspective on the two devices, we compiled a list of standout features of the two smartphones.

Design and Build Quality:

Like all Apple devices, iPhone 5S is a premium smartphone. It boasts curvaceous candy bar body with aluminum alloy cover and, on the front, it features high quality display with Sapphire coated Home button which also houses the Touch-ID fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy S5 comes with the same rectangular bar shape with plastic (Polycarbonate) body, like its predecessors but one major improvement is that it boasts an enviable water-resistant certification and its perforated rear-cover offers a good grip to hold on to the phone.


Apple iPhone 5S flaunts a 4.0-inch widescreen retina display with 1136x640p resolutions and pixel density of 326 ppi (pixels per inch).

Though the body is plastic, Samsung Galaxy S5’s display is of top-notch quality, featuring rich Super AMOLED full HD (1920x1080p) screen with staggering pixel density of 430 plus ppi. Continue reading

Open Data

Open Data Day Abuja

Open Data

OpenDataDay is a global community initiative to make and spread open data. People from all around the world gather together on-line or in person to make things with and around open data.

The #ODDAbuja is organized by Follow The Money and you can Join us at CODE, Bassan Plaza, Plot 759, 2nd Floor, F Wing, Behind Total House, Central Business District Abuja on Saturday, February 22, 2014

The OpenDataDay in Abuja will kick-start our Data Expedition Class [Training on Data and its use]; Update our Education Budget Tracker [ geo-locate higher institutions and funds meant for them], geo-locate primary schools in Nigeria and also get us on a trip to the digital humanitarian world while having fun – Bring your laptops, coffee mugs, and power extension cords.