Nigeria Is Now Mobile Number Portability Ready

Dr Eugene Juwah (Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission)

Dr Eugene Juwah (Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission)

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has again fixed another date for the launch of Mobile Number Portability (MNP). This time, the commission chose April 22 as the new launch date across all networks of Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM).

“We are going to celebrate it in a colourful launch that will hold in Lagos on April 22,” Ojobo ( Director of  Corporate Affairs at NCC) said.

NCC had earlier warned that it was not going to shift grounds on the planned roll out of MNP, and insisted that the roll out must be in April this year, without mentioning any particular date in April. The reason for not fixing a particular launch date earlier, according to Ojobo, was to allow the operators to choose a convenient date, based on the state of readiness of their networks. He had however insisted that the roll out of MNP would not exceed April this year.

NCC had fixed April 1,  for the launch of MNP, but shifted it to an unknown date in the same month of April, after telecoms operators came begging for three weeks extension to enable them complete test-run of their networks, in preparation for the eventual roll out. Continue reading

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Are Foreign Merchants still rejecting VISA / MASTERCARD debit/credit cards from Nigeria?

Are you having issues with online / ATM usage of your Nigerian issued Visa Card or MasterCard?

Let us have your say; stating the problem(s) you encounter, if possible, also kindly state the name of the receiving agent or website where you experienced the issues. Also, do not forget to state which Nigerian Bank issued the card to you.

I am here to assist you with any issues especially when it requires a technical solution!

Recharge your Starcomms Nigeria Modem from the comfort of your homes or offices

For a while now, Starcomms Nigeria Plc has made it possible for their Nigerian Internet Users to recharge their internet modems from the comfort of their homes, offices or wherever they may be, without needing to visit any of the Starcomms Offices.

Recharging our modems right from our comfort zone, has been made as simple as just loading our Starcomms line with the recharge card equivalent of your internet subscription fee and sending a customized message via text message to a certain short code.

This method of payment can be right termed as Payment via SMS and is as follows;

For Payment via SMS, load minimum balance required for renewal and simply text the following string *141*7021111111*1234# to 37938 (this is *offer code*data device number*PIN# and starcomms default pin is 1234). Note for an iZap (broadband) device you would need to include the 0 (Zero) before the number and for 1x (dial-up) there would be no 0 (Zero) used. Please find the pre-defined codes for each of the iZap and 1x subscription plans below;

For example, if you use an iZap (broadband) modem and your modem number is 07021111111 and you want to subscribe for the Night Rental plan, your text string would be *244*07021111111*1234# to 37938.

If you are using a 1x (dial-up) modem and your modem number is 07021111111 and you want to subscribe to the Night Rental plan, your text string would be *144*7021111111*1234# to 37938.


*UPDATE: There is a new 50-hour Package.The 50-hour package on iZAP according to Starcomms, costs N3990 while the 1x component costs N2500. The service will last fourteen days before a customer can recharge again. Before now, the lowest data subscription hourly plan for Starcomms internet access was 100 hours. To make use of the 50-hour package, customers can recharge with their recharged Starcomms phones with the aid of recharge card and through Starcomms’ website. The code for iZAP 50-hour plan is 249. This means that all a customer needs to do is recharge their Starcomms phones up to N4,000 and send SMS (*249*data device number*1234#) to 37938.

Google Wallet Now Lets You Pay With Your Phone

Google is teaming with MasterCard, Citigroup and Sprint to launch a new phone-based mobile payment system.

The project, called Google Wallet, will enable special chips embedded in many future Android devices to be used for payments. Instead of swiping a credit card, customers will be able to wave their Android phone in front of a reader to make a payment.

“We’re about to embark on a new era of commerce where we bring online and offline together,” Stephanie Tilenius, Google’s vice president of commerce, said Thursday at a press event in New York unveiling the project. “We believe the shopping experience has not yet been transformed by technology or by magical experiences. Now, your phone can be your wallet — you just tap, pay, and save.”

For now, only Citibank customers will be able to use their phones as digital wallets, linking their phones to credit or debit cards, but Google developed an open platform that can be used on any device or card. The company hopes more partners will soon come on board. Android users will be able to manage their transactions via an application on their smartphones.

The system is only available on Sprint’s Nexus S phone for now, but Google is requiring that near-field communications (NFC) chips be embedded on Android devices that launch with the latest version of the operating system. That means that most new Android phones going on sale later this year will be able to use Google’s new payments system.

Google Wallet will launch in San Francisco and New York this summer, and will go national across the USA “in the coming months.”

For the Nigerian market, we hope to experience this technology, sooner than later.