How To Check BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) Expiry Date On MTN, GLO and Airtel Nigeria Networks

You can easily track your Blackberry Internet service usage via text message or by dialing a code. You will be able to know the expiry date of your BIS and also your BIS data balance. Below are ways you can check the expiry date of your MTN BIS, Glo BIS, Airtel BIS and Etisalat BIS.

==> Text  STATUS  to ‘’ 21600 ’’ to check expiry date of MTN BlackBerry® Service

==> Text  STATUS  to ‘’ 440 ’’ to check expiry date of  Airtel BlackBerry® Service

==>  Dial *228#  to check expiry date of  Etisalat Internet Service. NO CODE to check Etisalat BIS status for now. Please, if you know it, kindly share with me.

==>  Text  STATUS  to 777 to check the expiry date of Glo BlackBerry® Service

I hope this helps…

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Convert your Network-Specific EDGE/3G Modem to a Universal Modem

It is not uncommon to find many people being frustrated with their network-specific 3G modems as such modems do not let you use another network’s sim-card in it, as the modem’s are locked to the particular network in which you bought it from.

In such scenario’s where the network you are tied to is down, it takes you down with it as you cannot but wait till the network is back up.

However, I am ready and willing to unlock all such modems for free to enable them work with any network’s sim-card, irrespective of the network it was initially tied to.

To enable me unlock your modem for free, kindly let me have your modem’s IMEI number and ‘Modem Type’ by dropping them in the comments section of this post.

Example: IMEI – 11111111111111111 Modem Type: E161, E166, E169….

I would respond, by giving you an unlock code. Use the steps below to know how to insert your unlock code to unlock your device to all networks;

  1. Insert a different network sim card into the modem and plug into your PC.
  2. It would request an unlock code.
  3. Enter the unlock code I have given you.