How To Use Your Etisalat Nigeria Blackberry as a Modem

Below is a step by step guide as to using your Etisalat Nigeria blackberry as an internet modem to enable you browse on your personal computer.

Below are the steps to follow:

1. Download the blackberry desktop manager on your laptop
2. Connect the blackberry via a cable to the laptop
3. Select desktop manager, then click on tools and select internet settings
4. Choose profile name as Etisalat Nigeria
5. APN should be etisalat while username and password should be left blank
6. Click on connect to the internet and it will start browsing.

If you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to drop a comment(s) in the comment box below.

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Glo Mobile Launches Glo Flexi Dynamic Tariff

Flexi is a revolutionary prepaid dynamic tariff plan that offers unprecedented discounts to subscribers anytime, anywhere in Nigeria. Customers can enjoy up to 99% discount on calls made, depending on the time of day and geographical location of the customer. Customers can talk for as low as 1K/sec.

Activation Steps

Enable the cell broadcast feature on your phone to enable you receive information on the discount available at your current location at anytime.

Dial USSD code *135*1# to register.

You are now ready to make calls to loved ones and business associates on the Glo network at the discount rates displayed on your phone at the time of making the call.

NB: Glo Flexi does not affect your currect package. You can register and deregister at any time. To register, dial *132*1#. To deregister, dial *135*9#. Tariff info, dial *135*3#. For account info, dial *135*8#.

Remember to enable or on the broadcast message or cell info on your cell-phone to see d percentage discount as would be displayed on your phone.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in Ghana: The Reactions within the First Ten Days of Launch

Nigerians are patiently waiting for the implementation of the Mobile Number Portability system in Nigeria by September, 2011 as earlier stated by the NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission).

In Ghana, over 6,000  subscribers used the service within the first 10 (ten) days of the service launch. Below is a Press Release by the DG of the National Communications Authority of Ghana. The service was launched in Ghana on the 7th of July, 2011.


The National Communications Authority (NCA) is pleased to announce that as of Saturday night, July 16, at the end of the tenth full day of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in Ghana, 5,631 subscribers had successfully moved from one mobile service provider to another while retaining their mobile number. By Monday morning, the number had surpassed 6,000.

NCA’s analysis of the data for these first ten days shows that of the porting requests completed:

1. 12% were completed in 15 minutes or less
2. 22% were completed in 30 minutes or less
3. 36% were completed in 1 hour or less
4. 72% were completed in 4 hours or less
5. 14% completed between 4 and 12 hours
6. 13% completed between 12 and 24 hours
7. Less than 1% were completed in more than 24 hours

The fastest port recorded so far in Ghana took place in a mere 1 minute, 31 seconds. The average porting time for the first ten days was 4 hours, 17 minutes.

This performance compares very favorably with recent MNP implementations in other countries, such as India, where porting a mobile number can take up to seven days, and Kenya, where it can take up to 48 hours. Even in Europe, porting can take considerably longer than it does in Ghana. Spain has just announced its intention to reduce porting times next year from the current four days to one.

Ghana also stands out by another measure: thanks to the collaborative and concerted effort by all involved, Mobile Number Portability moved from decision to launch in just 17 months. Ghana is also among the very few countries which have launched the service in the month first promised.

During this full scale nation-wide launch, a number of challenges have arisen. Some porting applications which could not be submitted because no validation text message was received; the causes are under investigation. In other cases the customer’s original service provider declined to authorize the porting request, usually because the customer had not been with that network for the minimum 30 days required. Many of the several cases in which a request was incorrectly declined have already been resolved.

Ghana mobile phone subscribers are reminded that when they sign the porting request form and send the validation text message, they are moving their number from their current mobile service provider to a new one. They are closing their account at the old network, and when the porting is completed, they will no longer be using the old SIM. It appears that in some cases, the customer did not clearly understand this, and believed they were receiving an additional number. We therefore wish to summarize again the steps taken in the porting process:

1. If you wish to leave or quit your current mobile service provider but keep the same phone number, you should go to a shop or agent for the service provider you wish to join, bringing your photo ID and your phone.

2. You will be asked to sign the porting request form, your ID information will be recorded, and you will be asked to send a free text message to validate the request.

3. As soon as the agent or shop has submitted your request via computer and you have sent the validation text message, you will receive a text message. “Your porting request is being processed. Thank you.”

4. If the request was not submitted by computer or the validation text message you sent was not received, then two days later you will receive a text message, “Your porting request could not be submitted.” In this case, you should contact the service provider you intended to join to learn what has gone wrong with the process.

5. If for any of the few permitted reasons your current service provider declines to approve your request, you will receive a text message, “Your porting request was not approved. Please contact your new operator for details.” You should contact the network you intended to join.

6. If all goes well, in less than 24 hours you should receive a text message, “Your number is being ported now. Please switch to the chip or service from your new operator.” However, if you do not receive that message and your current SIM stops working, it is possible that the porting request has been completed, but you did not receive the text message. In that case, you should try your new SIM to see if it can now make and receive calls.

7. Any problems or inquiries during or after the porting process should be directed at the service provider you joined or attempted to join.

NCA is pleased with the public response to MNP so far, and we are diligently monitoring the process to ensure that rules are followed and that the process is serving the public interest as intended. In the future, we intend to release general statistics on a monthly basis.

Members of Facebook are invited to join our group page, “MNP Ghana”, to learn more and join the discussion.


How to subscribe to Blackberry Internet Service from Glo, Airtel, MTN and Etisalat Nigeria

Most times when we need to quickly switch networks or change our subscription plan we do face some difficulties in getting the right subscription code for the plan we want. Also, some people do not know what plans are available and thereby, they are stock on the only plan they know, even when it is not convenient for them.

Today, I have brought together the Blackberry Internet Service subscription plans and their respective codes for MTN Nigeria, Glo Mobile Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria and Etisalat Nigeria under one roof.

To Subscribe to MTN Nigeria Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)

MTN BIS Monthly (Unlimited);     Cost N3,000    To activate; Text BIS to 21600
MTN BIS Weekly (Unlimited);        Cost N1,000    To activate; Text BBWEEK to 21600
MTN BIS Quarterly (Unlimited)    Cost N8,000    To activate; Text BBQ to 21600

MTN BIS Weekly (Complete)         Cost N500        To activate; Text BBCWEEK to 21600
MTN BIS Monthly (Complete)       Cost N1,500     To activate; Text BBC to 21600

MTN BIS Weekly (Messaging)        Cost N450     To activate; Text BBMWEEK to 21600
MTN BIS Monthly (Messaging)     Cost N1500    To activate; Text BBM to 21600

MTN BIS Weekly (Social)                 Cost 450    To activate;  Text BBSWEEK to 21600
MTN BIS Monthly (Social)             Cost 1500    To activate; Text BBS to 21600

To Subscribe to Glo Mobile Nigeria Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)

Glo BIS Monthly;     Cost N2,800     To activate; Text BISMONTH to 777
Glo BIS Weekly;        Cost N900        To activate; Text BISWEEK to 777
Glo BIS Day;               Cost N250         To activate; Text BISDAY to 777

Complete Month      Cost N1,400     To activate;   Text COMONTH  to 777
Complete Week         Cost N400        To activate;  Text COWEEK    to 777
Complete Day            Cost N100         To activate; Text  CODAY to 777

To Subscribe to Airtel Nigeria Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)

Airtel BIS Monthly;     Cost N3,000    To activate; Text BISMONTH to 440
Airtel BIS Weekly;      Cost N1,000      To activate; Text BISWEEK to 440
Airtel BIS Day;              Cost N200         To activate; Text BISDAY to 440

To Subscribe to Etisalat Nigeria Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)

Etisalat BIS Monthly;      Cost N3,000    To activate; Dial *499*1#
Etisalat BIS Weekly;         Cost N1,000    To activate; Dial *499*6#
Etisalat BIS Day;                Cost N250        To activate; Dial *499*5#

Etisalat BIS Monthly (Social);     Cost N1,300    To activate; Dial *499*2#
Etisalat BIS Weekly  (Social);       Cost    N400      To activate; Dial *499*2*1#
Etisalat BIS Daily   (Social);     Cost N100      To activate; Dial *499*2*2#

Etisalat BIS Monthly (Complete);   Cost N1500     To activate; Dial *499*3#
Etisalat BIS Weekly  (Complete);   Cost N500      To activate; Dial *499*3*1#
Etisalat BIS Daily   (Complete);   Cost N100      To activate; Dial *499*3*2#

That is all you need to know about subscribing to the Blackberry Internet Service of the above networks.

Please Note: The MTN BIS Quarterly package last for 90 days.


Note: To setup your Glo Mobile Blackberry as a PC Modem; CLICK HERE

How to send Airtel Nigeria Internet/MMS settings to your phone over the air

These days, it is normal to automatically have your network providers’ wap, gprs, mms and internet settings configuration delivered straight to your phone when you insert their SIM into your new phone.

Unfortunately, sometimes it fails to deliver and that is why Airtel Nigeria launched a platform where you can send the proper internet configuration settings to your phones in a giffy.

To push these settings to your your phone; Click Airtel’s Handset Set-up and follow the instructions and you are good to go.


Recharge your Starcomms Nigeria Modem from the comfort of your homes or offices

For a while now, Starcomms Nigeria Plc has made it possible for their Nigerian Internet Users to recharge their internet modems from the comfort of their homes, offices or wherever they may be, without needing to visit any of the Starcomms Offices.

Recharging our modems right from our comfort zone, has been made as simple as just loading our Starcomms line with the recharge card equivalent of your internet subscription fee and sending a customized message via text message to a certain short code.

This method of payment can be right termed as Payment via SMS and is as follows;

For Payment via SMS, load minimum balance required for renewal and simply text the following string *141*7021111111*1234# to 37938 (this is *offer code*data device number*PIN# and starcomms default pin is 1234). Note for an iZap (broadband) device you would need to include the 0 (Zero) before the number and for 1x (dial-up) there would be no 0 (Zero) used. Please find the pre-defined codes for each of the iZap and 1x subscription plans below;

For example, if you use an iZap (broadband) modem and your modem number is 07021111111 and you want to subscribe for the Night Rental plan, your text string would be *244*07021111111*1234# to 37938.

If you are using a 1x (dial-up) modem and your modem number is 07021111111 and you want to subscribe to the Night Rental plan, your text string would be *144*7021111111*1234# to 37938.


*UPDATE: There is a new 50-hour Package.The 50-hour package on iZAP according to Starcomms, costs N3990 while the 1x component costs N2500. The service will last fourteen days before a customer can recharge again. Before now, the lowest data subscription hourly plan for Starcomms internet access was 100 hours. To make use of the 50-hour package, customers can recharge with their recharged Starcomms phones with the aid of recharge card and through Starcomms’ website. The code for iZAP 50-hour plan is 249. This means that all a customer needs to do is recharge their Starcomms phones up to N4,000 and send SMS (*249*data device number*1234#) to 37938.

How to get your phone calls to connect even under adverse network conditions

Most, if not all of us have experienced situations where, when trying to put a call across to someone we either get the ‘call cannot be completed’ or ‘call disconnected’ feedback as a result of network downtime.

The solution to getting this situation out of the way when it occurs is very simple.

Simply; ADD ‘1’ at the end of the number you are calling and your call would have a 90% chance of connecting with ease even under bad weather conditions.

Example: If you want to call a number like 08031234567 and you are having difficulties connecting, what you simply do is add ‘1’ at the end of the number meaning that number ‘08031234567’ will now be dialled as ‘080312345671’.

Adding ‘1’ at the end of any number you are dialling gives the call >90% chance of connecting even under adverse weather conditions where the call would not have connected if you were dialling the number the normal way.

Most Efficient Network for the Blackberry Internet Service in Nigeria [A Review]

Number of Locations covered in the Review = 1 (One)
Locations covered in the Review = Calabar in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Nigeria has 5 (five) GSM networks, namely (in no particular order); Zain Nigeria, Globacom Nigeria, MTN Nigeria, MTel Nigeria and Etisalat Nigeria.

The quality of the Blackberry Internet Service on these networks was thoroughly tested and reviewed with regards to; GPRS Presence, EDGE Presence, 3G Presence, Overall Data Network Speed (24hrs/day) and Total Data Network Availability (Monthly Average).

GPRS Presence: Yes
EDGE Presence: Yes
3G Presence: No
Overall Data Network Speed (24hrs/day): Fast from 00:00hrs (midnight) to 07:00hrs. Very slow and almost impossible to browse the web from 10:00hrs to 20:00hrs. Average Speed from 21:00hrs up till midnight.
Total Data Network Availability (Monthly Average of 30days): 22 days

GPRS Presence: Yes
EDGE Presence: Yes
3G Presence: No
Overall Data Network Speed (24hrs/day): Rocket Fast from 00:00hrs (midnight) to 08:00hrs. Average speeds throughout the afternoons and evenings. Speed is above average at night.
Total Data Network Availability (Monthly Average): 19 – 20 days

GPRS Presence: Yes
EDGE Presence: Yes
3G Presence: Yes [Very Few Selected Areas]
Overall Data Network Speed (24hrs/day): Very Fast from 00:00hrs (midnight) to 07:30hrs. An average speed throughout the remaining part of the day. However, it does get very fast intermittently.
Total Data Network Availability (Monthly Average of 30 days): 29.5 days

GPRS Presence: No
EDGE Presence: No
3G Presence: No
Overall Data Network Speed (24hrs/day): NIL
Total Data Network Availability (Monthly Average of 30 days): NIL

GPRS Presence: Yes
EDGE Presence: Yes
3G Presence: No
Data Network Speed (24hrs/day): Very Fast from 00:00hrs (midnight) to 08:00hrs. Averagely fast during the afternoons up till night.
Total Data Network Availability (Monthly Average of 30 days): 20 days