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Microsoft Launches Free Tool to Rid Internet of Child Porn

The biggest social media sites have been using Microsoft technology to combat child pornography. Now, Microsoft is giving that tool away– for free. Microsoft on Wednesday launched a cloud version of PhotoDNA, software that prevents child porn from being uploaded to websites. It’s currently used by more than 70 companies, including Facebook and Twitter. With … Continue reading

Seven Safety Tips From Hackers

It’s easy to get hacked. And yes, it can happen to you. Follow this advice from actual hackers, and you’ll be a lot safer online. 1. Turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Hackers are religious about this. Keeping these features “on” all the time makes it easy for strangers to slip into your phone. The … Continue reading

Internet Explorer: Microsoft Says Hackers Could Gain Access and User Rights To Your Computer

Microsoft has warned consumers that a vulnerability in its Internet Explorer browser could let hackers gain access and user rights to their computer. The flaw affects Internet Explorer (IE) versions 6 to 11 and Microsoft said it was aware of “limited, targeted attacks” to exploit it. According to NetMarket Share, the IE versions account for … Continue reading

Microsoft’s Pioneer Employee and CEO Retires; Ranks at No. 51 Richest In The World

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer won’t be heading out with a big retirement package — or any package at all. But hey: He’s still one of the richest people in the world. Microsoft doesn’t offer “special retirement programs” or severance pay for its executives, according to a regulatory filing. But once the bombastic Ballmer leaves Microsoft, … Continue reading

Microsoft’s Outlook Hits A Million Users

Microsoft’s rebranding of the widely used but culturally fading Hotmail service is off to a big start. More than 1 million people signed up for e-mail accounts with Outlook, the new service to which all Hotmail users will eventually be transferred, in its first few hours of existence Tuesday. But one important person apparently didn’t, … Continue reading

Microsoft Launches iPad Rival Tagged Microsoft Surface

Microsoft is to take on Apple in a war of the tablet computers with the launch of its own ‘iPad killer’ – the Surface. It is a dramatic move for the US technology company, which historically has focused on producing software rather than hardware. But after some success with the Xbox series of entertainment consoles, … Continue reading

Microsoft Launches Social Network

Microsoft has opened up its So.cl social networking service to the general public. The website is designed to let users share and comment on interesting search results and connect with “like-minded” people. It is targeted at students and had formerly been restricted to invitees at universities and schools in the US. The service integrates with … Continue reading

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