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You Can Now Play Your Favourite Playstation Game Without A Console

PlayStation Now will allow subscribers to play some of the platform’s greatest hits without the need to own a console. It works by streaming data from the company’s servers. The firm’s latest smart TVs will be among the first devices to support it, but Sony also intends to offer the facility to other third-party products. … Continue reading

Sony Unveils Android And Social Media SmartWatch

The physical design of the SmartWatch 2 closely resembles that of its predecessor, sporting the familiar aluminum body known for being dust and water resistant. This means that users should remain calm in the event of a rainstorm; although it won’t withstand going for a swim. When paired with a smartphone the watch offers the … Continue reading

The New PlayStation 4 – What To Expect

The PlayStation 4 exists and it’s coming to a living room near you – and since you’re reading this, possibly even your own. No one has seen it yet. No one has felt its smooth edges, and no one has smelled its new console smell. But we know that developers are working on games, and … Continue reading

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