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First African-Designed’ Smartphone And Tablet

A smartphone and tablet said to be the first designed by an African company has been launched. The products, designed by Congolese entrepreneur Verone Mankou, are manufactured in China. His company VMK’s devices run Google’s Android software. They will retail at $170 (£105) for the smartphone and $300 (£185) for the tablet. “Only Africans can … Continue reading

Apple To Launch iPad Mini

Apple to launch smaller and cheaper machine that could be on shelves this autumn     Smaller cheaper machine to launch ‘soon’ claim factory sources     Screen between 7 and 8 inches     Built to compete with cheap rivals such as Google’s £159 Nexus 7     Sources in Apple’s supply chain claim tablet is already in … Continue reading

Microsoft Launches iPad Rival Tagged Microsoft Surface

Microsoft is to take on Apple in a war of the tablet computers with the launch of its own ‘iPad killer’ – the Surface. It is a dramatic move for the US technology company, which historically has focused on producing software rather than hardware. But after some success with the Xbox series of entertainment consoles, … Continue reading

Samsung sues and asks to see Apple’s next iPhone, iPad

In an interesting battle of patents of which has always plagued the world of gadgets, Samsung’s legal team has asked Apple to hand over next-generation versions of the iPhone and iPad to make sure its own future devices will not be subjected to the same infringement claims the company currently faces as part of Apple’s … Continue reading

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