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Blackberry Torch shows double digits when single digits are pressed [Solution]

On most occasions, Blackberry Torch 9800 users would experience the appearance of ‘double digits’ when ‘single digit’ numbers are pressed.

An example of this situation is, when typing numbers on your home screen using your standard keypad (not the virtual keypad), you would notice that when you press any digit, for example ‘5’, the output is rather ‘55’; if ‘1’ is pressed, the output is ‘11’ and this happens when any of the 0-9 digits are pressed.

Some people panic when they come across a situation as such as this, but the solution is simple.

The Solution is; Pull out your battery while the phone is still on and re-insert it after few seconds. The phone would boot-up and you are good to go.

Problem Solved!


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4 thoughts on “Blackberry Torch shows double digits when single digits are pressed [Solution]

  1. It still comes back after a half an hour or so“ what do you do then?“

    Posted by antounnn | November 6, 2011, 9:26 am
  2. i am having a same problem with double digits.
    i guess it is manufacturer made something wrong on its OS. who want to keep pulling out the battery from his new MOBILE phone, which stays 400-500 USD. or is it new technology gadget thing ?

    Posted by Anonymous | December 11, 2011, 2:25 pm

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