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BBM Voice Chat – A First Hand Review

Screenshot of BBM Voice Chat Test-Call between I and a willing friend.

Screenshot of BBM Voice Chat Test-Call between I and a willing friend.

Finally got settled and decided to carry out an upgrade of my Blackberry Messenger Application. Apparently, what quickened my decision to carry out the upgrade was the enticing and boldly displayed new BBM (Blackberry Messenger) Voice Chat feature.

I would not want to bore you with all the nitty gritty about the installation and compulsory phone restarts and all, however, the upgrade in general was a pretty straight-forward process.

This may sound strange but still, it might interest you to note that getting an individual with an active BBM Voice Chat for a test-call was actually quite tougher than it seemed. I sure do have many contacts on my Blackberry Messenger contact-list of whom have largely upgraded to the BBM Voice chat version. However, every single one of them did not have an active BBM Voice Chat service as this service does require an active WiFi connection of which is currently not widely and freely available in Nigeria (which represents the location of 95% of my BBM contacts).

*Note: Aside downloading the latest Blackberry Messenger which comes embedded with Voice Chat functionality, an active WiFi connection is required alongside an active blackberry internet service subscription for proper functionality of the voice-chat service.

Trust me, the power of social media should never be underestimated. Just moments ago, getting a test call partner seemed difficult but then just after putting up few words on Twitter; boom!!!…..lots of willing test-partners came forth.

With a willing test-partner in hand, my first ever BBM Voice Chat test-call was initiated. Lest I forget, on my side of things, my blackberry was connected to my home WiFi (Wireless) network which has a minimum download speed of 10Mbps and 2Mbps for Upload. My test-call partner was based somewhere in Preston, United Kingdom with her blackberry connected to a WiFi network of almost same speed.

The Test Outcome

– Positive Side

On initiating the call, it took approximately two seconds for the other party’s phone to begin ringing (quick and impressive I must say).

Call quality was very crisp (marked by clarity) and without any hearing delays or echoes.

– Negative Side

On multiple occasions, the lines suddenly went mute (silent) within 5 – 6 minutes into the conversation and therefore both parties could not hear each other anymore even though the voice-call connection was still active. The only solution was to end the call and redial and as earlier, it only lasted for 5 -6 minutes before automatically going silent and this happened repeatedly.

Have you initiated a call with the BBM Voice Chat already? Or are you planning to? Or are you now eager to try it out after reading this article? However, irrespective of the category you belong, I would appreciate your thoughts and experiences by commenting in the comment section below. Your comments would surely go a long way in enabling us know if RIM (makers of blackberries) has done well with the new BBM Voice Chat feature or if its new invention is still a long way from being giving good user satisfaction.


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  1. Pls kindly help out. I have 4gotten my BB messenger password and username. Please how do I go about it. Thanks Collins.
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    Posted by collins.adaramola@gmail.com | December 27, 2012, 12:46 pm

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