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Nigeria Internet Governance Forum 2015 – Participate Online

Participate Online in the Nigeria Internet Governance Forum 2015, scheduled to hold at NAF Conference Center and Suites, Jahi District, Abuja, on the 20th & 21st of July, 2015. The first day is devoted to the Youths as a pre-event. Below is the WebEx logging details for the two days Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (NIGF) 2015 … Continue reading

Coming Soon: Power On Your Phone and it Stays on Forever!

Imagine never again having that frantic feeling that your smartphone battery is about to die. Amazingly, charging your phone may soon be a thing of the past: Technology companies are developing a way for your gadgets to power up while they’re sitting in your pocket. By converting radio waves into battery-replenishing power, smartphones equipped with … Continue reading

RIM Now Blackberry – Launches Blackberry 10

The much-awaited launch of new handsets and software for BlackBerry marks an exciting time for RIM, the parent company. At a stroke it gives RIM hardware and software that is industry-leading, not to mention excitingly different from the competition. Where some phone operating systems offer still, unchanging icons, BB10 has active tiles which update of … Continue reading

Check for stolen vehicles on Policevrp.com [An Initiative of the Nigerian Police Force]

The website http://www.policevrp.com is an initiative of the Nigerian Police Force and is an example of how Information & Communications Technology can help solve coordination problems in the Government. I have personally not tested out the service and as such can not totally vouch for it but here are some features I think you might … Continue reading

Petition: Cybercrime Legislation for Nigeria

I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed: “Cybercrime Legislation for Nigeria” http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/cln/ I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time. Thanks!

Google buys out Motorola

Google is to buy mobile phone manufacturer Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn (£7.7bn), allowing it to mount a serious challenge to Apple as a technology manufacturer and take a bite out of the iPhone maker’s share of the smartphone market. Google will pay $40 a share in cash for Motorola – a 63pc premium to the … Continue reading

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